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Recommended by three national newspapers, Vinyl Clear Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid contains ultra pure ingredients that penetrate deep into the record groove and gently soften and remove contaminates, dust, dirt, grease deposits and dissolves fingerprints from your records.Its unique formulation also contains properties that help reduce static electricity to keep your records cleaner for longer.Why audiophiles choose VinylClear: 1.Deep Track Cleaner fluid - is the no-residue professional vinyl record cleaning solution made by us in the UK using laboratory-standard ingredients that contain anti-static properties which stops your vinyl attracting dust.2.A full size 250ml Bottle - depending on the original state of your vinyl this will clean between 120 and 250 long play records.At best this works out at around 6p to protect and improve the overall sound quality of your record collection.3.Two full-size cleaning cloths - (400mm x 400mm, see picture) one for placing the record on and to collect the dirty fluid, the other for cleaning the grooves.Most kits only provide one cloth that needs to be used for both tasks.This is messy and increases the risk of contamination during the cleaning process.4.Cosmetic Quality Micro-Atomiser - which produces a fine mist that evenly covers a greater area.The atomiser creates a droplet size of 10-50 microns, small enough to penetrate deep into the records groove.5.Drying Stand - Records need to be dried thoroughly for a minute after treatment, that's why this kit includes a fold-away drying stand.6 If it's not the best kit you have used or you are not totally satisfied just tell us and we will refund the full the cost of the product purchased.7.Free 10ml Bottle of Stylus Clear - clean records only sound as good as the stylus used.That's what's why with every VinylClear Kit you receive a free 10ml bottle of Stylus Clear Fluid (worth GBP6.99).Bottle shape & Atomiser may vary.
Brand Vinyl Clear
Model Number Vinyl Clear 250KIT C
Item Weight 449 g
Package Dimensions 22 x 14.2 x 4.4 cm
Shipping Weight 699 g
Date First Available 5 May 2018

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